Yuri F. Makogon - the discoverer of Gas Hydrate deposits in Nature

Dr. Makogon was a world renowned expert on natural gas hydrates. He had discovered that hydrates of natural gas can accumulate as deposits in nature. His name was entered in the State Register of the USSR in 1969 for the scientific discovery of natural gas hydrates, with the priority date of 25 July 1961.

Dr. Yuri Makogon had more than 50 years of experience in education and research for the oil and gas industry. He joined the Texas A&M University in 1993 and the faculty in 1995, where he organized the Gas Hydrate Laboratory. He was the author of seven books on gas hydrate problems (four of which have been published in the USA), and he holds 29 patents.

Dr. Makogon had designed original equipment and had been conducting research on the kinetics and morphology of gas hydrates with thermodynamic and kinetic inhibitors. He was studying phase behavior of natural gas-water systems under high pressure and low temperature in static and dynamic conditions. Dr. Makogon had done the very first research hydrate formation and dissociation in pore space and prepared basic recommendations for gas production from hydrate fields. He was developing effective methods for the prevention and removal of large hydrate plugs in wells and pipelines.

Dr. Makogon was a Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Science. Before coming to Texas A&M University, he had already played a major role in the elimination of large hydrate plugs in pipelines in Western and Eastern Siberia, the Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Czechoslovakia, and the North Sea. He was Director of the Institute of Hydrocarbons and Environment from 1991-1998, and had been the first chairman of International SPE, Moscow Section from 1991-1993.

  • Full Professor, 1985
  • Doctor of Technical Sciences, Petroleum Engineering, Moscow Central Gas Research Institute, 1975
  • Candidate of Technical Sciences, Petroleum Engineering, Moscow Oil-Gas Gubkin Institute, 1961
  • Engineer, Petroleum Engineering, Moscow Oil-Gas Gubkin Institute, 1956
  • Oil Technologist, Krasnodar Petroleum Academy, 1951

Areas of Specialization and Research Interests

  • Gas production from gas-oil and gas-hydrate fields
  • Kinetics and properties of gas hydrates in free and pore space
  • Gas-Water relationship under high pressure and low temperature
  • Prevention of formation and removing hydrate plugs from pipelines
  • Design of new research equipment

Awards and Honors

  • Full member of the National Academy of Ukraine, 2009
  • Award of Merit Recognition, 6th International Conference on Gas Hydrates, 2008
  • Honorary Doctor of the Nikolaev Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Albert Einstein Medal of Honor, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, United States Section, 2002
  • Golden L. Kapitca Medal for Scientific Discovery, 1997
  • First Chairman of the Russian Chapter of the International Society of Petroleum Engineers, 1991
  • Full Member and co-founder of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences of Russia, 1990
  • Laureate of the Gubkin State Prize, 1989
  • Honorary Diploma of the Mendeleev Union Society of Russia, 1982
  • Golden Jubilee Medal of Russia, 1970
  • Diploma of the Scientific Discovery Natural Gas Hydrates, 1969
  • The First Prize at Chess Tournament of Indian School of Mines, 1967
  • The First Prize at Young Petroleum Scientist Conference of Russia, 1965
  • Diploma of the Winner of the Ukraine Republican Inventors Competition, 1958

Several papers

The 1982 paper provides estimates of natural gas reserves stored in gas hydrate.

The 1966 paper identifies methods of gas hydrate resource development (in English).
The 1966 paper identifies methods of gas hydrate resource development (original in Russian).

The 1965 paper presents a method to overlay hydrate curve on geothermal profile (in Russian).

The 1961 paper describes hydrates self-preservation phenomenon at temperatures below 0 °C.


May 15, 2020 marks the 90 years since the birth and 64 years of the scientific and social activities of Yuri F. Makogon.

Yuri Makogon has passed away. Correspondence may be sent to: tmakogon@hotmail.com